FAWQ Toowoomba Literary Awards 2015
Short Story
Meg McNaught -Fault Lines- First prize for short fiction
Stephen Smithyman – Autumn in the Orchard – runner up short fiction
Judy Tait – Running on the Fence – Highly commended for short fiction
Judy Turner- The Long Winding Road- Highly commended for short fiction
David Rumsey – Marooned – Commended for short fiction
Rory Hudson- The Thoughts We Claim- First prize for poetry
Jeanette O’Hagan- The Real Thing – Runner up for poetry


Come to the edge, Life said

They said: “We are afraid”

Come to the edge, Life said

Life pushed them

And they flew

* Guillame Apollinaire

So bring us to the edge, invoke our passions, inspire and encourage us with your words. We want to hear and feel the cadences and lyricism of your poems.

To enter please download the entry form below and follow the instructions.


FAWQ Poetry Comp 2015











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