In 2016 The FAWQ celebrates 95 years. To help celebrate we have 4 writing competitions which are now open please see the information sheet below.



FAWQ Literary Awards 2016

Thank you to all who supported this competition


First Place – Deepening Dusk – Mark Miller

Second Place – Open Heath – Mark Miller

Highly Commended – Country Graveyard – Gavin Austin


Short Stories

First Place – Repeat – Bradley Thomas Van Cooten

Second Place – Red Work – Carmel Lillis

Highly Commended – Threads – Rebecca McIntyre

Commended – Autumn Break – Janet Brown


Flash Fiction

First Place – A Little Tin – John Stockdill

Second Place – Death in Translation – Delroy Oberg

Highly Commended – The Best Day – Beryl Wincott

Highly Commended – Final Resolve – Agi Dobson

Highly Commended – The Dance – Eileen Cooke




First Place – Seen from a Train – Jennie Herrera

Second Place – Seeing the Moon – Shane McCauley

Highly Commended – Amplitude – Andrea Harper

Highly Commended – Bring me Back a Rose, just one rose – Jennie Herrera 

Commended – The Final Breath – Miriam Jeffery

Commended – I’m Alone and I need you – Richard Alexander Forbes

Commended – I need only hear your name – Karen Armstrong

Commended – Fallen Petals – Phyllis Morton



First Place – The Right Direction – Mary Jones

Second Place – Art for the Street – Penny Garnsworthy

Highly Commended – Of Good Character – Hugh Allan

Highly Commended – Realm of the Gods – Jane Hall

Commended – Blind Faith – John Bradley

Commended – The Silence of the Ants – Moona




FAWQ Poetry Competition 2015

The winner is Mark Miller –NSW – ‘Land’s Edge, Winter
Second place- Jeff Guess – SA – ‘The Chinese Gardner’
Highly Commended
John Burke – Qld – ‘Ascription’
PS Cottier – ACT – ‘The Sounds of Dying’
Rod Usher – Spain – ‘Twig’
David Campbell – Vic – ‘Dance’
Rod Usher – Spain – ‘Lost in Use’.

Thank you to all who supported this competition.












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